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We are a 100% Brazilian software and product development company with 8 years in the market and hundreds of projects developed for national and multinational companies. Our team of professionals work together in search of the right balance between form and function, which leads to results of excellent technical and aesthetic quality.

redspark stands out through its ability to understand complex problems, conceive of innovative ideas and from there, design the best solution.





Technology is not the end. It is the soundtrack that will follow you through digital future road


At redspark we believe that technology is an art form, like music.

There are many genres that produce music of high quality, such as classical music, in which each specialised member of the orchestra together create a single work of a very high level of excellence.

But our music is JAZZ!

We believe that each person in our team, just like each member in a jazz band, possesses a unique and special talent. They know when the time is right, with their instrument and virtuosity, to show their solo without a conductor, always providing a new and surprising experience to the listener.


We create and develop solutions through an approach that avoids unnecessary costs – and that enhances the success and ROI.

  • We use Agile approach to achieve the desired results faster.
  • We believe in co -creation to inspire better solutions and we put the whole team in touch with the customer


We develop digital solutionsweb, mobile, social, wereables, Internet of Things, cloud -, with the mindset that , to be prepared for the ongoing digital transformation , the software must have:

  • Scalability  and Elasticity
  • High availability.
  • A process for continuous delivery.
  • API’s REST for easy integration.
  • Appropriate tools: Github, CircleCI, Docker, Freshdesk, etc.​




Holmes is an intelligent document management system that modernizes and optmizes document-centric processes in companies of all sizes and markets . Robust to organize, protect and ensure fast access to millions of documents. It’s simple for users and system administrators.

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designspark is our approach to study problems and needs and develop solutions. The goal is to create an empathetic point of view that allows putting people at the center of development of a project and generate products more aligned with user needs and at the same time financial and technically feasible .





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