Design Thinking, Agile Squads, AI, UX and an agnostic look to tecnology turn RedSpark into the right partner for your Digital Transformation journey. We are a company with DIGITAL DNA and solid expertise in the construction of digital experiences and hundreds of projects carried out for national and multinational companies.

Capital Structure

In 2019, RedSpark became invested in the Aerospace Fund, with the partnership and the presence of EMBRAER, BNDES, FINEP and DESENVOLVE SP as investor partners.

Our Business

Our digital skills, allowed us to build recognized cases in the area of successful products and services.

Agile Squads for Digital Experience Design

Provision of services for creating digital experiences. We help our customers on their digital transformation journey.

Process Automation and Document Management

We help clients solve document capture and recognition problems with an automated and intelligent solution.

The Best Account Management Tool

Mapping and standardization of account activities and obligations. Total control of the office and communication with its customers.

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