Disabling the Firefox’s cache

Everyone that uses Firefox to make test while developing Adobe Flex applications, for sure already had problems with cache. This become more frustrating when the application is so big that, to make the test, you need to go through some steps before and finally when it get at the test point, you find out that loaded a cached version of your app.

Obviously that have some ways to solve this problem but, I’ll show the solution I use.

Open the firefox and in the address bar type: about:config. An alert message will shows up, but we need to keep going on to make the configuration.
Look in the search bar for these items: browser.cache.memory.enable, browser.cache.disk.enable. If you haven’t change it before, they will be with the value true, what you must do is, set this values to false.

Then, to confirm that the changes were made, just type in the address bar: about:cache, the result must be a info message saying that the cache was disabled.

Done. Now the firefox’s cache was disabled, in a fast and simple way.

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