Maybe it’s time to know what you agree to?

EULA – End User License Agreement, that is the 60-page text that you probably never read, which appears on unavoidable dialog when you installing applications, which contains “I Agree” button. You know it, you clicked it so many times.

Question is, did you actually read it?

Of course, that you know that you agreed to:

1. “Do not criticize this product publicly.”

2. “Using this product means you will be monitored.”

3. “Do not reverse-engineer this product.”

4. “Do not use this product with other vendor’s products.”

5. “By signing this contract, you also agree to every change in future versions of it. Oh yes, and EULAs are subject to change without notice.”

6. “We are not responsible if this product messes up your computer.”

…among other things.

You may wish to see some explications on the mentioned things. If so, visit:


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